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Laser Cleaner. Portable Design Laser Cleaning Machine 100W 200W

  • $32,000.00

  • Portable Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine 100W 

     Model BK-LC100
    Laser Source JPT
    Laser Power(W) 100
    Wavelength(nm) 1064
    Output Power(W) 100
    Max.pulse energy(mJ) 1.5
    Full Power Repetition Rate Range(kHz) 67-1000
    Pulse Repetition Range(kHz) 1-1000
    Pulse Duration(ns) 10-350
    Cooling Method Air Cooling
    Spectral width@3dB(nm) <15
    Beam Diametermm) 6±0.5
    Power Adjustment Range(%) 0-100
    Working Temperature/ Celsius 0-40
    Scan Width (mm) 1-110
    Length of Fiber(m) 3m / 10Ft
    Laser Class IV



    Non-Contact Laser Cleaning
    Easy Operation
    Fast Cleaning Speed 
    Various Applications And Almost No Maintennance

    Application Material

    Laser cleaning equipment is a new generation of surface cleaning high-tech products. It is very easy to install, manipulate and achieve automate.Your parts can be be cleaned with no chemical reagents, no media, no dust and no water. With the advantage of manual adjustment of the focus, fit curved surface cleaning, good surface cleanliness and so on. Laser cleaning machine can clean the resin of subject surface, oil stains, stains, dirt, rust, coating, paint, etc.
    Application Industry
    Mold industry, Military equipment industry, Precision machinery industry, Ship building and marine engineering industry, Construction machinery and heavy industry, Car manufacturer industry, Electronic and Semiconductor industry,nuclear power plant industry,Building facades and cultural relics protection industry,etc.

    Laser Cleaning Efficiency
    60W - 200W 
    Laser power(W) 60 70 100 120 150 200
    Peak Power(KW) 15 16 18 18-30 18-40 40
    Focus Sopt(mm) <1 
    Rusting(20um) 2.0㎡/h 3.0㎡/h 4.0㎡/h 4.8㎡/h 6.0㎡/h 8.0㎡/h
    Oli Contamination (20um) 2.5㎡/h 3.5㎡/h 4.5㎡/h 5.3㎡/h 6.5㎡/h 8.5㎡/h
    Aluminum Oxide Film 1.5㎡/h 2.0㎡/h 3㎡/h 3.6㎡/h 4.5㎡/h 6㎡/h
    Rubber Residues 4-5㎡/h 6-7㎡/h 8-10㎡/h 9-12㎡/h 11-15㎡/h 13-18㎡/h
    300W - 1000W
    Laser power(W) 300W/500W/1000W
    Rusting Cleaning Efficiency 10-60/h
    Oli Contaminated Cleaning Efficiency 10-90/h

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