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BESCUTTER C2 CO2 Sealed Glass Laser Tube GSI Technology 90-100W for Replacing Reci W2

  • $700.00


    •   Faster cutting and engraving of materials
    •   Deeper and cleaner cuts
    •   Better beam quality for more crisp cutting or engraving
    •   Up to 10,000 hour life span
    •   High power and high stability
    •   Water cooled for best performance
    •   This glass tube technology is previously operated by JK lasers from the GSI group, which is well known for making high quality and long last CO2 laser tube.
      Model   Quality Standard   Length  Diameter  Hours        Warranty
         C2        90W - 100W    49.5"      3.15"  10,000h 13 months since received
         C4       100W - 130W     55"      3.15"  10,000h  13 months since received
         C6       130W - 150W     65"      3.15"  10,000h  13 months since received

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