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Fabric Cutting Master Camera Positioning with Conveyor Belt and Asynchronous Double Beam

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  • Features

    • Asynchronous Double Beam Cutting System: Can process different patterns simultaneously. High efficiency. 
    • High-quality Cannon digital camera: Achieve large format single shot and image recognition, more efficiency of auto-positioning. 
    • Large format visual cutting: It can scan the whole files at one time, recognize each pattern and do the contour cutting. 
    • Camera calibration offset compensation: Correct the overall offset after the device has been running for a period of time to ensure the precise cutting.
    • Professional suction bellow design: Effectively absorb the materials & remove the dust.
    • E-shape blade mesh designed conveyor: Made by aviation aluminum, light weight & stable structure. The conveyor can be replaced one by one, easy cleaning & long service life. 
    • Monorail Cutting System: Reduce the wear between the pulley and the guide rail, achieving high efficiency & high precision and durability.


    Technical Parameters

    Working Area 65" x 45" (1670 mm x 1150 mm)
    Laser Power 100-150 W (CO2 sealed glass laser tube, 10.6 um wavelength)
    Re-positioning Precision ±0.1 mm
    Laser Cutting Head Two
    Power Supply 220 V/ 50 Hz
    Weight 2080 Lbs (945 kg)
    Dimensions 118" x 99" x 82" (3005 x 2514 x 2090 mm)
    Drive System Inner Guide Rail
    Motor Stepper

    Machine Configurations

    • Laser Glass Tube: Two Reci tubes
    • Reflective Mirror: 6 sets of Φ25 mm×3 mm
    • Focusing Lens: 2 sets of 2.0"
    • Camera: Cannon
    • Software: Smart Vision
    • Auto-feeding Conveyor: E-shapes blade mesh
    • Computer: Lenovo
    • Auxiliary Equipment: 750 W Exhaust fan & 500 W Air Pump & CW 5200 Water Chiller    
    • Three-in-one combiner block integrate red-beam, first mirror and beam combiner for easy beam alignment and quick diagnostic of optics issue.__________________________________________________________________________________________

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