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IPG 100 W Glavo Fiber Laser Engraving Machine with 3D Dynamic Focus

IPG 100 W Glavo Fiber Laser Engraving Machine with 3D Dynamic Focus - Rose Graphix, Lasers, rosegraphix
  • $52,000.00
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  • Main Features

    • Full Protection from fiber laser, large observation window
    • Deep engraving and 3D engraving
    • Large marking field up to 600 mm x 600 mm 
    • Directly engrave and mark on curved surface.
    • Extremely fast marking speed and high precision engraving
    • Motorized Z-axis up and down
    • Engraving Applications: metals, stone, ceramic, plastic and all kinds of alloy
    • Two Red Dots for easy focal length adjustment
    • Visible Red Laser for part alignment and pre-mark preview
    • FREE Desktop and operation software
    • FREE one pair of laser protection goggles
    • No moving parts, no consumables, maintenance free
    • Two years warranty on all parts and remote service

    Technology Specifications

    Laser Generator: IPG 100W
    Laser Source Life Time: 100,000 + hours
    Standard Working Area: 24” x 24” (600 mm × 600 mm)
    Marking Speed: up to 7000 mm/s
    Laser Wavelength: 1.06 um
    Beam divergence: 0.3 mrad
    Focused beam diameter: <=20 um
    Min. line width: 0.02 mm
    Min letter size: 0.15 mm
    Marking depth: 0.03-0.08 mm
    Power Supply: 110 V / 60 Hz
    Cooling: Air-cooled, no extra cooling needed
    Net Weight:


    3D dynamic focus system

    With 3D dynamic focus,  the laser head of machine has been developed with a unique optical design and software algorithm. As a result, our galvo laser marking machine has more capacity to process sophisticated marking and engraving.

    - Motorized Z - Asix will be automatically up and down to adjust laser head to ensure the laser beam is always on the accurate position to do marking and engraving. The high efficiency production and precision engraving will be assured.

    - Large filed marking up to 600mm x 600 mm

    - Curved surface engraving

    - Deep and 3D engraving

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