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Titan Fiber Laser 5'x10' Full Enclosure with Exchange Table 1500-4000 W Metal Sheet Cutter

  • $115,000.00
  • Save $35,000

  • Main Features

    • Unparalleled versatility for cutting various metals, including low carbon steels, stainless steels, galvanized sheets, as well as some high reflective metals, such as aluminum
    • Large cutting table handles sheets up to 50 sq. ft.
    • Auto exchange table, no waiting between cutting two sheets
    • Cut up to 5/8" steel with the 2000W model
    • Laser fully contained in fiber, no need for regular beam alignment

    Technology Specifications

    • Main Working Area: 60" x 120 " (1525 mm x 3050 mm)
    • Exchange Table: 60" x 120" (1525 mm x 3050 mm)
    • Laser Wattage: 1500 W/ 2000 W / 3000 W / 4000 W
    • Continuous Wave fiber laser, 1.07 um wavelength
    • Beam Quality: <0.373 mrad
    • RayCus Laser Generator RFL-C1500, RFL-C2200, RFL-C3300, RFL-C4000
    • Optional IPG Laser Generator Upgrade, Call for Pricing
    • Laser Head: RayTools or WSX (Autofocus Adjustment)
    • Control System: CypCut BCS 100
    • Cooling System: TeYu CWFL-1500, CWFL-2000, CWFL-3000, CWFL-4000 or Comparable
    • Driving System: Servo Motors
      XYZ Servo Motors: Schneider or Delta Y 2x1500W, X 1x1000W, Z 1x400W
    • High Quality Rack and Pinion Guide Rails
    • Positioning accuracy: <= 0.02 mm/m
    • Max. no load speed: 3200 inch/min

      Full List of Specifications (PDF)

      Full Cover Fiber Laser Metal Cutter with Exchange Table from BesCutter

      There is no doubt that having the right equipment in your shop is a game changer. Our selection of full cover fiber laser metal cutter with exchange table is the equipment that can elevate your business to the next level.

      Your Choice

      We offer a range of laser metal cutters to meet your specific needs:

      • 1500W Fiber Laser
      • 2000W Fiber Laser
      • 3000W Fiber Laser
      • 4000W Fiber Laser

      Each machine will amp up your capabilities nicely and allow you to enhance your production and results. Our cutting tables can handle sheets up to 50 square feet! Cut through a range of metals and alloys effortlessly with clean cuts every time including low carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized sheets and some highly reflective metals as well. With our laser cutters the beam is completely encased, your eyes are better protected. The auto exchange table means you do not have to wait in between sheets. Get more from your production floor with help from BesCutter and our fiber laser metal cutters. Contact us today for more information!

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