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High Speed 8'x4' UV-LED Flatbed Printer with 6 Ricoh Gen5 Printheads

  • $79,000.00
  • Save $21,000

  • Technical specifications

    • Model: RGP- MC84-G5-6H
    • Print size: 8'x 4'
    • UV device: LED UV
    • Printhead: Six Ri coh Gen5 on-demand piezos (on-site upgradeable to eight staggered configurations)
    • Printing speed:
      • High speed mode: 600 square feet / hour
      • Standard mode: 390 square feet / hour
      • High quality mode: 280 square feet / hour
    • Ink type: UV curing ink in the liquid bottle
    • Available ink colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, white, varnish
    • Print mode: one-way and two-way
    • 1 x INK BAG SET 8 colors, 200mL each Flexible Ink (C, M, Y, K, WHITE, WHITE, CLEAR GLOSS, PRIMER)
    • 1 x bag of gloves and maintenance syringes
    • 1 x mini supply of lubricants for greasing the rails and tracks
    • 1 x mini supply of cleaning solution for printer
    • 1 x bag of lint free wipes
    • 1 x Printed Manual
    • 1 x CD installation disk for drivers and other videos
    • 1 x PartnerRIP software (billed separately)
    • 1 x Anti Static Brush
    • 1 x Power Cables
    • 1 x Remote Control with cable
    • 1 x Spare dampers set
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Net Weight: 3600 Pounds.

    Complete Specification List (PDF)


    Flatbed Printers for Sale at BesCutter

    Our UV flatbed printers will change how you do business. We have the flatbed printer for sale that opens a world of possibilities. Our versatile Uv flatbed printer for sale offers you the functions that increases productivity and helps you to turn out the products that get attention from your customer base.

    Function, Durability, Support and Affordability

    When you shop BesCutter for your Flatbed printer you get the high-quality printer that you deserve, world class customer care and support and budget friendly solutions. Whether you are adding to your equipment or you are making your first purchase, you can expect to have your expectations exceeded with our flatbed printers for sale. Enjoy:

    • Up to 280 per hour square foot printing speeds
    • 3 Ricoh Gen5 on-demand piezo heads-upgraded to 8 in the field
    • 8’X4’ print size
    • Print in Uni Direction and Bi Direction
    • Print on a wide range of substrates including glass, acrylic, wood, plastic and more
    • Easily integrated
    • Easy start up and operation

    Our flatbed printer is engineered to offer you the exceptional function and speed that your business deserves. Learn more about UV printers at BesCutter by contacting us today!

    UV Printer Product Specification 1

    UV Printer Product Specification 2

    UV Printer Product Specification 3

    UV Printer Product Specification 4

    UV Printer Product Specification 5

    UV Printer Product Specification 6

    UV Printer Product Specification 7

    UV Printer Product Specification 8

    UV Flatbed printer Applications: 

    A.Decoration industry

    B.Glass, Ceramic industry;

    C.Advertising&Sign industry;

    D.Furniture and personalized products etc.

    UV Printer Product Specification 10


    UV Printer Product Specification 9

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