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Why Choosing IPG Laser Resonator?


IPG fiber lasers bring a new level of reliability and ease-of use to laser cutting.
Fiber lasers are entirely solid state, with no mechanical cavity resonators
or mirrors and no adjustable or replaceable parts within the laser. Light is
output along a flexible optical fiber that is plugged directly into the laser
cutting head, eliminating the need for optics and adjustments in the beam
delivery path.



IPG fiber lasers offer the highest wall plug efficiency of any commercial
laser. Not only is less electricity consumed in the cutting of parts, but the
cooling to remove unwanted heat is also proportionally reduced, decreasing
the size of the electrical service needed to support the cutting tool installation. Achieving over 50% wall-plug power efficiency, combined with improved
material coupling characteristics, IPG lasers typically use 70% less electrical
energy than traditional CO2 alternatives in metal cutting applications. Additionally, IPG fiber lasers have a much longer lifespan than other lasers. While other lasers fail after a year or two, IPG lasers continue to cut years after competing lasers have been replaced multiple times.



With an emission wavelength of 1 micron, fiber lasers offer higher efficiency and faster processing in cutting metals than CO2 alternatives. An IPG fiber laser cutting 1 mm thick steel is approximately 3.5X faster than an equivalently powered CO2 system. The higher power density and beam quality of fiber lasers combined with virtually maintenance free operation provides reliable and consistent cutting at significantly lower operating costs with overall higher throughput.

At such high power density levels, metals such as copper, brass and other normally reflective materials go through a phase change into the molten state. This overcomes reflectivity barriers and initiates cutting much more easily than CO2 lasers or near-IR lasers that have only low peak power.



In addition to thick materials, IPG fiber lasers deliver very high precision in cutting small and thin parts. Through the use of single-mode lasers, possessing extremely small beam diameters, along with QCW lasers that deliver very high peak power (with minimal heating of the surrounding areas), parts such as medical stents and electronic sensors are easily fabricated or trimmed to size. Using fiber lasers with nano-, pico, and femtosecond pulses as well as those with green wavelengths, cutting of ceramics, glass and polymers with micron-level precision is a high-speed, cost-effective process.



Utilizing rigorously tested, long-life laser diodes, unique active fibers and leading-edge, proprietary technologies, IPG fiber lasers provide greater reliability, less required maintenance and fewer service interventions than competing fiber lasers.

2000W IPG Rack Mount Fiber Laser Resonator

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