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BesCutter N95/KN95 Full Automatic Mask Production Line

  • $250,000.00

  • Features

    • Module design with humanized interface for convenient maintenance.
    • Remote control for convenient service assistance.
    • Fully automatic production line requires only one person for operation, reducing manual labor, saving labor cost.
    • Digital control, effectively improve production capacity.
    • Servo motors with EtherCAT control system, ensuring high accuracy and stability.


    Work Flow

    Step 1: Material Roll Feeding 

    Step 2: Nose Wire & Contour Welding

    Step 3: Ear Loop Belt Auto-welding

    Step 4: Edge Folding, Press Forming & Die Cutting

    Optional Device: Fly UV Laser Marking

    • Metal RF laser source & high-speed galvo 
    • QR code/ Bar code/ Text marking

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