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RECI W6 CO2 Glass Laser Tubes 150W

  • $1,200.00
  • Save $700


    •   Faster cutting and engraving of materials
    •   Deeper and cleaner cuts
    •   Better beam quality for more crisp cutting or engraving
    •   Up to 10,000 hour life span
    •   High power and high stability
    •   Water cooled for best performance
    We have partnered with RECI to become a member of the RECI Global Distributorship Network. Authentic laser tubes in original factory package. RECI is the manufacture of one of the most stable CO2 laser tubes. The tubes have a 10-month warranty*.


    Model      Quality Standard      Length      Diameter       Hours       Warranty

       W2              90W - 100W            49.2"          3.15"          10,000h      10 months since manufactured

       W4             100W - 130W            55"            3.15"          10,000h      10 months since manufactured

       W6             130W - 160W            65"            3.15"          10,000h      10 months since manufactured

    Full List of Specifications (PDF)


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