Wood Applications: 

Wood is a very attractive material due to its many applications. You can use Bescutter CO2 laser machines to cut or engrave several types of wood and add value to your final products.

Check our videos and samples to get ideas about the uses of a wood cutting and engraving machine.

Wood Cutting and Engraving Machines: 

All of our Co2 laser machines are able to cut and engrave different types of wood such as MDF, Pressboard, Wood Veneer, etc (see Versa 100, Versa 200, Workforce 100, Workforce 200). However, you can also engrave wood by using one of our Galvo laser machines (see 30W Galvo Fiber Laser, IPG 100, Q Series).

Wood Projects Samples: 

Visit our DOWNLOADS FOR CO2 LASERS to download DXF cutting files.