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  • Quality made UV flatbed with top knowledge service and support. We looked at Mimaki, Fuji, CET and we made the best decision of choosing Rose Graphix. Better whites, faster with white, less problems with white, great color quality, more upgrade options and there inks adheres to more materials than any of the others. Also you pay for what is shown on your quote, not like some of the others. Price goes up and up and up. Be careful with Mimaki dealers, we ordered a eco-solvent print and cut. Nice machine but the price went crazy. Their price is always base and then they add for everything from there. Stuff you won’t think of. Very happy with the purchase. Been printing on glass, acrylics, dry erase boards, wood, metal, paper, etc. All works and looks beautiful. Like all uv flatbed machines, you will need knowledge on the negative press and jet flashing to have a problem free environment. Also stable environment is helpful. Start-up, Shut-down and maintenance is very simple, fast and easy. Rose Graphix is a trusted knowledgable company to work with. We are in Wisconsin and we were worried about service before the purchase, but not anymore. It’s a very solid built machine and made to be easy to work on. Also the service guys are from the plant were the machines are made and are very knowledgeable with attention to details. Great company! Any new equipment we will need, I’ll look at them first. Thanks! -Dan from Wisconsin
  • We use this UV printer from Rose Graphix and have been very satisfied with the results. We print primarily on wood, which the printer excels at, and corroplast. After we received the printer the team at Rose Graphix flew to Houston and spent several days setting up and training us how to operate the machine--it is very user friendly and integrates with Onyx software well. We did hire a color specialist to tune the color management profiles in Onyx and the printer satisfies very color conscience artists. I would recommend this printer and company to everyone. -Charles from Texas
  • Amazing laser. Awesome support! This laser has been an amazing addition to our business. It has sped up production time for us by leaps and bounds. The staff has also tremendously helpful with any small issues we have had. The people that came out to train us on the laser were awesome also. Overall we are extremely happy with the unit and the staff at Rose Graphix. -Travis from California
  • While I was initially wary of buying a machine I had heard not much about, Eric (my sales rep) showed me and my crew quite a bit at the SGIA show. After I saw how easy it was to use and the quality was on par with other, much more expensive name brands, we purchased onsite. It came to us ready to go and has been in service with no problems so far. We had a little learning curve going from flat to rotary engraving but after our third attempt (and reading the manual more), we figured it out and its been making us money since. My first job on it for over 400 stainless steel tumblers paid for the entire laser purchase. Now, its been great having it available whenever we need it. Totally recommended...thinking about getting another one if demand keeps up. -Travis from Oklahoma
  • I cannot imagine what to do without their flatbed printer. Being local is very helpful, the team from Rose Graphix has been very responsive in addressing any questions I had. -Mark from Florida
  • We highly recommend Rose Graphix. We are 2 sisters who knew NOTHING about our laser cutter but Rose Graphix has been there every step of the way to help us.-Danielle & Michelle from Texas
  • I just purchased a 150w laser from Rose Graphix. The service and communication was great. The training was also very good. If everything goes as well as the sale I will be purchasing more equipment from them.-Chris from Florida
  • My laser is up n running thanks for being so patient n supported.-Katrina from Geogia

Rose Graphix BesCutter is the Laser Cutting Company with Options

If you have been searching for a way to increase productivity, while improving quality without breaking your business equipment budget, you have landed in the right place! Rose Graphix, BesCutter has the options that will help you to improve how you do business. We believe that providing our customers with high quality options to meet their cutting, engraving and printing needs is our duty. Our range of equipment is offered at a fair price point to ensure that the right equipment is an affordable option for everyone. Budget friendly with BesCutter does not mean sacrificing function or quality, it means getting a great deal of value for your equipment budget.

Quality and Function

Our goal with every piece of equipment is to bring you the durable quality and function that you can depend on for years of service. At Rose Graphix BesCutter we have the perfect solution for you. Choose from flatbed cutting machines including flatbed digital cutting machines, flatbed digital cutter, laser cutter engraver, laser cutter printer, acrylic cutting machine, fiber laser engraver and so much more. Each piece of equipment that we offer is engineered to deliver the reliable performance that you can count on. We make having state of the art capabilities simplified! Solutions are ready for your business growth goals.

Improving Productivity

The equipment that you find at BesCutter is focused on delivering the height of productivity and giving your business the cutting edge that it needs to outshine the competition. We deliver the highly functional state of the art equipment that helps you to grow and thrive in a competitive atmosphere. When you choose BesCutter you are choosing the opportunity to increase your capabilities, reduce labor intensity and better meet your clients needs. Growing your business has never been easier than having BesCutter on your side.

Cost Effective Options Coupled with A Wealth of Knowledge

Whether you want to buy a laser cutter that also is an affordable laser cutter, or you are searching for the best flatbed printer, we have the cost-effective options that you need. Our priority is to ensure quality and keep costs manageable for our customers. We have the laser wood cutter for sale that will fit nicely into your budget. You never have to sacrifice quality to find the affordable equipment that you need to improve how you do business. All of our equipment comes with the support that you can depend on. We will discuss your options with you based on your business goals and the best way to meet those goals. We are here to answer your questions about:

Whether you are wondering “what is a fiber laser cutter?” and how it can help to improve your business, or you want detailed information about our laser cutting equipment for sale, we will give you the in depth answers that you need to make an informed decision. From detailed information about laser cutting machine cost to which system is going to be best for your needs we are here to help. We are the cutting machine manufacturers that want you to feel confident in your equipment choices, so we go the extra mile to make sure you understand exactly what benefits our equipment have to offer. Each of our staff members is committed to providing the best in customer care. We take the time to discuss your business goals so that we can make recommendations that move you closer to your goals.

Take Advantage of the Opportunity

BesCutter is the source for your cutting, printing and engraving needs. Take advantage of the opportunity to find the perfect equipment for your business. We make ordering simple. Our inventory is always full and ready to ship, to ensure a fast turn around on your order. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can help you to grow your business. We have your solution waiting for you!