2019 ISA EXPO LAS VEGAS, NV (April 24 - 26)

Welcome to visit us in booth 2409, ISA EXPO Las Vegas 2019 


Please redeem your free pass with VIP code 10158. Your unique free trade show pass link https://www.xpressreg.net/register/sign0419/start.asp?sc=10158

Sale offer ends June 1 2019

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2019 NBM SHOW IRVING, TX (March 28-30)

GREAT NEWS !!!  We will promote all our business equipment, including lasers and printers during show time. There is extraordinary discount for NBM attendees and current customers. We are looking forward to seeing you at BESCUTTER & BESJET booth # 525. 

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Fiber Laser Great Show !!!  Bescutter Accu Series Fiber Laser Metal Cutter 1000 W.

Accu Series Fiber Laser Metal Cutter 1000 W

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We had new equipment to exhibit, including 2' x 3' UV flat bed printer, 4' x 8' UV flat bed printer, 150 W 52" x 36" CO2 laser, 30 W Synrad CO2 laser engraver and 100 IPG fiber laser engraver with 3D dynamic focus system.  

4' x 8' UV flat bed printer

2'x 3' UV flat bed printer

100 IPG fiber laser engraver with 3D dynamic focus system

150 W 52" x 36" CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine

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2018 ISA EXPO Orlando, FL (March 22-24)

Our booth was packed with attendees. The fiber laser cutter was absolutely stealing the thunder. We started to use "BesCutter" brand to advertise laser equipment.  

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It was successful trade show in New Orleans. Our 1st time exhibited fiber laser cutter (4 x 4 ft enclosed table model ) at the show site.  

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JoeFish's Original Design Laser Cut Coral Incubator

With his recent purchase of a BesCutter 150 watt, 52" x 36" surface area machine Joe has done some remarkable work.
 "Previously, delicate and beautiful baby corals got damaged and abused by the aquarium fish.  Owners lost their precious corals.  So,  I designed my own acrylic incubator for placement in the tanks.  That kept the corals safe while they received nourishment to grow larger and stronger.  And, they didn't get lost"
Joe says .."customers love them because they protect their investment in interesting creatures for their tanks."
To view Joe's other laser created aquatic habitats visit his website:
To discuss your creative and production ideas call BesCutter : 888-634-0811

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Laser Cut Gaskets Over Stamping Process

Ernie's Welding fabricates quench lines for ventilating helium gases generated by MRI machines in hospitals and radiology centers all over the world.

"Previously the gaskets were stamped out.  The edges were rounded and irregular and not considered tight enough to prevent gas leakage by the machine engineers who just didn't like the ragged edge appearance.  The workers in the shop didn't enjoy the constant noise from the stamping machines making gaskets" describing the issues that lead Ernie Chenko, proprietor, to move to a different technology.

By utilizing the BesCutter 150 watt CO2 laser "... the gaskets could be cut to various sizes effectively and quietly while the operators managed other projects at their workstation.  Staff likes the change"  according to Ernie.

To learn more about MRI Quench Lines and other fabrications visit: http://www.ernieswelding.com/

 To discuss your creative ideas and productions call 888-525-2897

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BesCutter, a division of Rose Graphix, will be exhibiting laser cutters and engravers at the National Business Machines (NBM) February 1-2, 2019 at the Phoenix Convention Center.  Plan to attend and view demonstrations of the CO2 laser’s cutting and engraving features.  In addition, CO2 and Fiber laser machines will on display for fast, detailed engraving of organics, plastics and metals.

During the show and  up to 15 days after the NBM closes special show prices will be available for NBM attendees and prospects that have visited the BesCutter and Bes-Jet booths at prior trade shows nationwide.

If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area and wish to attend, contact Sean Ryan, 239-785-7585, for a complimentary one-day pass.

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