Laser Cut Gaskets Over Stamping Process

Laser Cut Gaskets Over Stamping Process

Ernie's Welding fabricates quench lines for ventilating helium gases generated by MRI machines in hospitals and radiology centers all over the world.

"Previously the gaskets were stamped out.  The edges were rounded and irregular and not considered tight enough to prevent gas leakage by the machine engineers who just didn't like the ragged edge appearance.  The workers in the shop didn't enjoy the constant noise from the stamping machines making gaskets" describing the issues that lead Ernie Chenko, proprietor, to move to a different technology.

By utilizing the BesCutter 150 watt CO2 laser "... the gaskets could be cut to various sizes effectively and quietly while the operators managed other projects at their workstation.  Staff likes the change"  according to Ernie.

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