Galvo Fiber lasers work completely different from fiber laser cutting machines; although both of them have an optical fiber power source, the laser heads are totally different.

Galvo Fiber Laser Common Applications:

Mark and engrave: all metals

Mark and engrave: some plastics

Mark: some stones

Mark: some leathers

Mark: some paper

Mark: some garments

This type of Galvo is mostly used in the metal processing or production industry. Fiber Galvo lasers are able to engrave metallic materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, brass and gold as well as final products like tools, taps, clutches, bearings, gears, piston rings and many others.

Galvo fiber lasers are ideal for marking industrial parts. They are used in almost all metal and plastic processing sectors for efficient and precise direct marking of parts and products: from automobile assembly, through medical and safety technology, to electronics. All types of codes (QR codes, DMC / DataMatrix codes, bar codes), alphanumeric characters, logos and labels are marked reliably and with great precision by Galvo fiber lasers.

Additionally, it is also very popular in other industries due to its versatility. Galvo fiber laser can mark different types of plastics like polycarbonate, polyamide or ABS. It cannot process transparent objects such as glass, since the laser passes through them.