Galvanometer (Galvo) is an electromechanical instrument that deflects a light beam by using a mirror, meaning that it has sensed an electric current. When it comes to laser, Galvo systems use mirror technology to move the laser beam in different directions by rotating and adjusting mirror angles within the boundaries of a work area. Galvo lasers are ideal for using fast speed and intricate fine detailed marking and engraving.

Galvo systems are available for different laser types, such as Fiber Laser, sealed CO2, and UV, giving you the possibility of choosing the laser light according to your needs. 

It does not need maintenance. Conventional lasers are made of pulleys, bearings, belts and other mechanical elements which need periodic maintenance. The only maintenance required for Galvo laser is the revision of the lenses.

Galvo systems are the ideal tool for companies in the personalization sector or applications that require productivity through speed that allows a higher cost to be absorbed.

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