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BesCutter Mach Speed 6-15KW 5'x10' IPG Fiber Laser Cutter Fully Enclosed with Hydraulic Shuttle Table

  • $410,000
  • Save $40,000

  • ASK PRICE for 8KW/ 10KW/ 12KW/ 15KW


    • Germany brand of major components
    • IPG laser resonator 
    • PRECITEC laser cutting head
    • Beckhoff CNC controlling system
    • Direct drive system with high torque servo motor
    • Auto energy saving mode
    • Auto exchanging table with hydraulic lifting system 
    • Eagle eye technology (optional)




    Standard working area 61" x 120" (3050 x 1550 mm)
    Optional working area 157" x 78.7"/ 236" x 98.4"/ 315" x 98.4"
    X, Y, Z  axis distance 61" (3050 mm)/120" (1550 mm)/3.93" (100 mm)
    X, Y Two-axis coordinated positioning speed (MAX)  240 m/min
    Positioning acceleration (MAX) 2.4 G
    Positioning accuracy ±0.05 mm/m
    Re-positioning accuracy ±0.02 mm
    Maximum load weight 890 kg
    Laser resonator IPG  (Germany Brand)
    Laser head PRECITEC (Germany Brand)
    Controlling System Beckhoff (Germany Brand)
    X-Y-Z Servo Motors X-2x9700W;  Y- 1x6880W ;  Z-1x940W
    Machine Weight 28200 lbs (12800 kg)
    Dimensions  350"x 118" x 87" (8900 x 3000 x 2200 mm)



    • IPG laser resonator (3 years warranty)
    IPG-YLS Specification YLS-6000
    Laser mode CW,QCW
    Wavelength 1070-1080nm
    Standard output laser power 6000W
    Laser beam quality ≤4mm*mrad
    Modulation speed 5kHz
    Delivery fiber core diameter ≥50μm
    Output stability ±2%
    Power supply 400-460V/3P+PE@50-60Hz


    • PRECITEC Laser Head                                                 
    • Beckhoff controlling system
    Dual CoreTM i3 CPU +3.1GHz
    RAM : 4G
    Hard disk : 1TB
    21.5" touch screen
    USB, network and DVI interface etc.


    • High-rigidity welded body, compact design and stable performance
    • Auto exchanging shuttle table with hydraulic lifting system
    • High torque direct drive servo motor - Alpha (powerful driving, high accuracy cutting and excellent dynamic response)

    • High pressure servo-control valve  (switch the type of cutting gas automatically, and  accurate control the gas pressure without user intervention)
          • Nesting software  (CutLeader laser cutting auto-nesting software)
          • Special molding technique made aviation aluminum gantry
            • All aluminum cast beam
            • Light weight, strong rigidity
            • Fast response, high precision and good stability


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