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  • Germany brand of major components
  • IPG laser resonator 
  • PRECITEC laser cutting head
  • Beckhoff CNC controlling system
  • Direct drive system with high torque servo motor
  • Auto energy saving mode
  • Auto exchanging table with hydraulic lifting system 
  • Eagle eye technology (optional)




Standard working area 61" x 120" (3050 x 1550 mm)
Optional working area 157" x 78.7"/ 236" x 98.4"/ 315" x 98.4"
X, Y, Z  axis distance 61" (3050 mm)/120" (1550 mm)/3.93" (100 mm)
X, Y Two-axis coordinated positioning speed (MAX)  240 m/min
Positioning acceleration (MAX) 2.4 G
Positioning accuracy ±0.05 mm/m
Re-positioning accuracy ±0.02 mm
Maximum load weight 890 kg
Laser resonator IPG  (Germany Brand)
Laser head PRECITEC (Germany Brand)
Controlling System Beckhoff (Germany Brand)
X-Y-Z Servo Motors X-2x9700W;  Y- 1x6880W ;  Z-1x940W
Machine Weight 28200 lbs (12800 kg)
Dimensions  350"x 118" x 87" (8900 x 3000 x 2200 mm)



  • IPG laser resonator (3 years warranty)
IPG-YLS Specification YLS-6000
Laser mode CW,QCW
Wavelength 1070-1080nm
Standard output laser power 6000W
Laser beam quality ≤4mm*mrad
Modulation speed 5kHz
Delivery fiber core diameter ≥50μm
Output stability ±2%
Power supply 400-460V/3P+PE@50-60Hz


  • PRECITEC Laser Head                                                 
  • Beckhoff controlling system
Dual CoreTM i3 CPU +3.1GHz
RAM : 4G
Hard disk : 1TB
21.5" touch screen
USB, network and DVI interface etc.


  • High-rigidity welded body, compact design and stable performance
  • Auto exchanging shuttle table with hydraulic lifting system
  • High torque direct drive servo motor - Alpha (powerful driving, high accuracy cutting and excellent dynamic response)

  • High pressure servo-control valve  (switch the type of cutting gas automatically, and  accurate control the gas pressure without user intervention)
        • Nesting software  (CutLeader laser cutting auto-nesting software)
        • Special molding technique made aviation aluminum gantry
          • All aluminum cast beam
          • Light weight, strong rigidity
          • Fast response, high precision and good stability

        HIGH POWER

        Cutting Capabilities for 6KW 8KW 10KW 12KW 15KW Fiber Laser types of metal CS SS AL Brass Carbon Stainless Steel Aluminum IPG Resonator Generator

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        BesCutter Mach Speed 6-15KW 5'x10' IPG Fiber Laser Cutter Fully Enclosed with Hydraulic Shuttle Table
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