6000 7000

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  • Available focal lengths: 1.5” 2” 2.5” 4” 
  • Diameter: 20mm

1.High transmittance, high-temperature resistance

 The lenses are made of zinc selenide,

The transmission loss of laser is small, the absorption is low, the transmittance is strong.

Light transmittance up to 99.8%, and can withstand up to 500W laser power.

2.Coating is not easy to fall off, wipe resistant

 Reinforced double-sided coating technology, coating firm, not easy to fall off, durable, wipe resistant, long service life

 3.Fine spot, fast cutting speed

 Lens cylinder polishing, increase light transmittance, reduces or eliminates stray light in the system, improves the ability of the lens to withstand back reflection, makes lens spot thinner, faster-cutting speed.

 4.Complete specifications, a wide range of applications

 Full range of lens specifications, suitable for all kinds of laser cutting machine, engraving machine

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Zinc Selenide focus lens [1"/2"/2.5"/4"] for CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machines
6000 7000