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  • Laser safety Glasses: 800 – 1100nm O.D 5+ &1060 - 1070nm O.D 7+ V.L.T 50%
  • Typical laser wavelength: 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm Laser Safety Glasses for the laser technician
  • Application: dental lasers safety ; ND: YAG Laser protection 
  • Professional: Professional eye protection for laser technicians. To provide you with safe, comfortable and beautiful.


Does invisible laser hurt your eyes?
Yes. Usually invisible laser including 808nm, 980nm diode laser, and 1064nm ND: YAG laser, they are even more dangerous than visible laser, and should be more careful while working with it.

Does low power green laser pointer hurt your eyes?
Yes. We mean low power green laser pointer usually is 5mw to 20mw. This is enough to hurt eyes if do not use it in right way. It is prohibited to see the laser beam on the wall, and 100% prohibited to shoot eyes by this kind laser pointers.

Can sunglasses be used instead of laser safety glasses?
No, The filter of laser safety glasses has special absorber component to reduce the laser energy in geometry times. Common sunglasses even cannot block any laser at all because of the characters of a laser of high concentration in space and time.


Universal Style

Universal Style: Can be Worn with or without Prescription Glasses

  • Safe practices and proper usage of safety equipment should be taken into consideration when operating lasers. The eye is susceptible to injury, even from very low levels of laser light.
  • Bescutter offers a range of laser safety glasses that can be used to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. Laser emission in the visible and near infrared spectral ranges has the greatest potential for retinal injury, as the cornea and lens are transparent to those wavelengths, and the lens can focus the laser energy onto the retina.
  • Do not place laser beams at eye level.
Absorbing Laser Safety Glasses

  • Bescutter recommends the use of safety eyewear whenever working with laser beams with non-negligible powers (i.e., > Class 1) since metallic tools such as screwdrivers can accidentally redirect a beam. Laser goggles designed for specific wavelengths should be clearly available near laser setups to protect the wearer from unintentional laser reflections.
  • Goggles are marked with the wavelength range over which protection is afforded and the minimum optical density within that range. These Laser Safety Glasses provide laser radiation protection. The lenses are made from absorptive dye encapsulated in hardened polycarbonate, which provides superior resistance to breaking and prevents minor scratches from affecting laser protection. The optical density (OD) and LB-Rating for specific wavelength ranges are indelibly printed on the lens or frame for permanent identification without blocking the field of view.
  • Each pair of laser safety glasses comes with a protective storage case and a cleaning cloth.
  • When not being used, the laser safety glasses should be stored in their protective case and in an area where the temperature does not exceed 80 °F (26.6 °C). The laser safety glasses can be cleaned using a dilution of isopropyl alcohol (<10%) and wiped with a cotton swab. The cleaning cloth included with each pair of laser safety glasses can be used for removing dust from the surface of the lens. These lenses may also be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner or dish soap and water; the laser safety rating will not be affected by either cleaning procedure.

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LP-Laser Pair Fiber Laser Safety Glasses Protection Goggles