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Main Features

  • IPG Laser Resonator.
  • High Rigidity Enhanced Aviation Aluminum Gantry.
  • Rack and pinion structure, servo drive, secondary annealing treatment of high rigid welding frame with high accuracy and stability.
  • Professional laser cutting software with graphic layout and sharp corner smoothing functions, fast piercing & cutting.
  • Space Saving: no exchange table.

Technology Specifications

  • Working Area: 5' x 10' (1,525 mm x 3,050 mm)
  • Optional Working Area: 5’ x 20’ (1,525 x 6,100 mm) 
  • Z-axis Travel 4.7" (120mm)
  • Laser Resonator: IPG 1000 W/ IPG 1500 W / IPG 2000 W
  • Continuous Wave fiber laser, 1.07 um wavelength
  • Beam Quality: <0.373 mrad
  • Laser Head: RayTools (Auto Focus)
  • Control System: CypCut BCS 100 
  • Cooling System: TeYu CWFL1000, CWFL-1500, CWFL-2000 or Comparable
  • Driving System: Servo Motors
    XYZ Servo Motors: Schneider or Delta Y 2x1500W, X 1x1000W, Z 1x400W
  • High-Quality Rack and Pinion Guide Rails

Full List of Specifications (PDF)



Cutting Capabilities for 1KW 1,5KW 2KW 3KW 4KW Fiber Laser types of metal CS SS AL Braa Carbon Stainless Steel Aluminum IPG Resonator Generator

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Accu Star 5'x10' Fiber Laser Sheet Metal Cutting Machine 1500-2000W IPG
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