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By integrating a roller conveyor various manufacturing processes can be linked together, making the beam shot blasting machine a popular and effective tool for removing scale and rust from metal profiles and sheet metal components. It's particularly suitable for surface rusting and painting applications.

Our Bescutter team can customize non-standard beam shot blasting machines to meet the customer requirements like workpiece size, weight and efficiency.

Cleaning Specifications

Clean grade: Sa2.5 metal luster.

Customized clean speed 20-60  inch/min.

 0.8-1.2 mm size wire cast steel shot.

PLC Control for Safety 

The machine has a PLC control system with a safety interlock device that ensures proper functioning. If anything is amiss, the machine will not operate.


Type Customizable
Effective Cleaning Width (inch) 31.5-157.5
Room Feed-in Size (inch) 39.4*15.7---165.4*15.7
Length of Cleaning Workpiece (inch) 47.2-472.4
Speed of Wheel Conveyer (ft/min) 1.6-13.1
Thickness of Cleaning Steel Sheet (inch) 0.12-3.94---0.17-3.94
Section Steel Specification (inch) 31.5*11.8---157.5*11.8
Quantity of Shot Blasting (lb/min) 4*397 - 8*794
First Enclosed Quantity (lb) 8818---24250
Roll Brush Adjusting Height (inch) 7.9---35.4
Airness Capacity (cfm) 7769---13385
Exterior Size (inch) 985.4*177.2*355.3
Total Power (except for dust cleaning) (hp) 120.6---393.6
Lead time to USA Arround 2-3 Months

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Bescutter beam shot blasting machine