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Processed Workpieces and Main Parameters 

Steel plate length x width x thickness: ≤ 40 feet x ≤ 12 feet x  2 inches thick
Processing speed (Clean both sides of steel plate):  1.6 ft ‐ 6.6 ft/min Variable Speed
Rust cleaning grade: Sa2 .5 (GB8923‐88)
Processing material and strength range: Q235/Q345/65Mn/HT/ZG etc.
Surface roughness: 15~70 micrometers (depending on shot size)
Compressed air pressure range: 60 ‐ 90 psi
Noise: ≤95dB


Subsection Structure Performance

 1. Roller conveyor Module

Loading and unloading roller Conveying speed:  20 ‐ 200 in/min
Loading and unloading Roller width: 165 inches
 Loading and unloading roller Driven motor power:  Motors, 8 HP each
Distance Between Rollers  for blasting machine: 24 inches

2. Shot Blasting Module

Shot blasting turbine capacity: 660 lbs/min
Power: 25 HP
Quantity: 10 turbines (5 upper, 5 lower)
Abrasive circulatory system capacity: 220 US Tons/hr
Abrasive control system Maximum flow:  1100 lbs/min single supplying shot value
Abrasive cleaning system: Rolling brush diameter: 36 inches


3. Panting System Module

Driving model: Variable Frequency Drive
Spray gun Transverse speed: 65 ‐ 260 ft/s
(frequency control)
Spray gun transverse power: 4.0 HP
Fan power: 40 HP (share with drying room)
Spray gun quantity: 4 pcs
Painting pump Model: Changjiang
Painting pump Pressure ratio: 30:1
Painting pump Spray paint consumption:  4.9 gal/min
Painting pump Intake pressure: 60 ‐ 90 psi
Paint mist treatment Chimney diameter: 32 inches
Paint mist treatment Chimney height: 50 ft


4. Drying Module

Heating form: Natural gas
Temperature of drying room: ≤180 degrees F
Temperature control form: Automatic thermostat
Drying room length: 40 ft
Drying power: 40 HP (shared with painting room)

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Bescutter Steel Plate Full Production System With Paint Line