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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine RayTools BT240S SERIES 3.3KW Laser Cutting Head

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    The BT240S series Laser Cutting Heads are released based on the BT240 from Switzerland RAYTOOLS AG in 2017, which are suitable for medium and high power fiber lasers in industrial applications. Compared to the BT240 series, the upgraded version of BT240S series in dust-proof design and customer experience are made a comprehensive optimization. As we all know, collimation lens is very likely to be contaminated when inserting or removing optical fibers,so the BT240S series are avoided this risk by adding an top protective window to the collimation assembly. At the same time, the bottom protective window structure is also fully upgraded, we add a dust cover on it. Double protection design enhance the user experience in the replacement of protective window greatly, and the lens contamination risk is almost zero.



    • Optimized optical configuration, smooth and  efficient airflow design;
    • Comprehensive upgrade of the dust-proof design, Double protection, the risk of contamination of the lens is almost zero;
    • The laser head body is increased anti-collision function;
    • Turntable focus adjustment and can be manually corrected, fine and flexible adjustment, adjustable range is 20mm,accuracy is 0.05mm;
    • With a variety of optical interfaces, can be adapted with a variety of fiber lasers;
    • Collimation lens, focusing lens and nozzle are all have cooling structures;


    Power Rating


    Clear Aperture


    Collimator Focal length


    Focusing Focal length


    Cover glasses



    Assist Gas Pressure




    Height Sensor(EtherCAT or ±10V optional)

    Distance Range(1mm Recommended)



    Auto Calibrating/Manual Calibrating

    Response Time


    Temperature Stability

    In the range of 0 to 45℃, the temperature stability is in the range of ±5%

    Power Requirement


    Output (linear or optimization curve signal)

    0~10V/+-10V Analog

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