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Fly Speed Fiber Laser Metal Sheet Cutter Full Enclosure with Parallel Shuttle Table IPG 1.5- 6.0 KW

  • $130,000.00
  • Save $20,000


    • IPG laser resonator 
    • Auto energy saving mode
    • Parallel Shuttle Exchange Table
    • Easy Operation - The front door is on the Y axis, easy for operator to reach whole working area
    • Swiss Imported Reducer and Rail System: Dual drive structure, high precision Swiss GUDEL reducer and Germany Rexroth guide rail system, small transmission error, high precision and good dynamic performance.




    Standard working area 61" x 120" (3050 x 1550 mm)
    Optional working area 157" x 78.7"/ 236" x 98.4"
    Optional Laser Wattage 1500W/ 2000W/ 3000W/ 4000W
    X, Y, Z  axis distance 61" (3050 mm)/120" (1550 mm)/3.93" (100 mm)
    X, Y Two-axis coordinated positioning speed (MAX)  140 m/min
    Positioning acceleration (MAX) 1.4 G
    Positioning accuracy ±0.05 mm/m
    Re-positioning accuracy ±0.02 mm
    Maximum load weight 1543 lbs
    Laser resonator IPG 
    Laser head Raytools (Precitec optional)
    Controlling System CypCut (Beckhoff optional)
    X-Y-Z Servo Motors X-2x2900W;  Y- 1x850W ;  Z-1x750W
    Machine Weight 20945 lbs (9500 kg)
    Dimensions  350"x 118" x 83" (8900 x 3000 x 2100 mm)

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