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HyRobot IPG 1.5KW 3D Robot Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

  • $250,000.00
  • Save $100,000


    • Adopts gantry structure, flying optical path design, the laser head move around while the product is fixed. 
    • High precision industrial robot, equipped with mature robot control system: high accuracy, stability and reliability. 
    • IPG 1.5 KW laser resonator (YLR-1500-K)
    • US Lasermech 3D laser head: compact design, stable dynamic follow-up system, good cutting ability. 

              - Robot installation basement: There is a collision induction device connect laser cutting head and robot. 

              - Fiber collimating beam expander (cutting, welding): 125 mm standard focal length.

              - Driving system: It helps the cutting nozzle to move follow the product surface.

              - Fixed parts-nozzle: Block the dusts and scrap.

    • Safety protection housing, using safety interlocking design.



    Industrial robot brand Staubli
    Robot model RX160L
    Working area 59" x 78.74" (1500 x 2000 mm)
    Max load 61.5 lbs (28 kg)
    Rated load 30.5 lbs (14 kg)
    Re-positioning accuracy  ±0.05 mm
    Wingspan 2010 mm
    Axis-1 ±160˚
    Axis-2 +147.5˚/-130˚
    Axis-3 ±145˚
    Axis-4 ±270˚
    Axis-5 +140˚/-115˚
    Axis-6 ±360˚
    Laser Resonator IPG 1.5 KW  (Germany Brand)
    Laser head US LaserMech 3D laser head
    Machine Weight 555.57 lbs (252 kg)


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