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Optional Diameter: 160mm 6.3" | 220mm 8.6" | 320mm 12.6' | 400mm 15.7" | 500mm 19.7"


      • Cut variety of tubes, such as: round tube, square tube, triangle tube, rectangular tube, oval tube and waist round tube. 

      • IPG laser resonator 
      • Germany PRECITEC cutting head: high precision with auto-focus. 
      • FASTCUT CNC system: Integrates professional tube cutting platform, powerful but simple for operation, with user-friendly HMI. 
      • Special designed flexible tube support device: Keep the device grip the tube tightly during the tube feeding and rotating. 
      • Automatically loading by whole package tube: Reduce staff number and improve the processing efficiency.
      • Tube type auto-recognition system: Different types tubes can be mixed loading together.
      • High precision & high-pressure servo-control valve: Precisely control the cutting gas and pneumatic chuck. 
      • Linear positioning speed 100 m/min; rotation positioning speed 120 m/min. 


Tube range (length) 244" (6200 mm)
Tube diameter

Standard: 0.78"- 8.66" (20- 220 mm) 

Optional: 0.78"- 12.60" (20- 320 mm)

X-axis 246" (6250 mm)
Y-axis  7.87" (200 mm)
A, B-axis Infinite Rotation
Z-axis  6.30" (160 mm)
X, Y-axis positioning accuracy ±0.03 mm/1000 mm
X, Y-axis re-positioning accuracy ±0.05 mm
A, B-axis positioning accuracy ±30"
A, B-axis re-positioning accuracy  ±10"
X, Y-axis max positioning speed 100 m/min
Max positioning speed 100 rpm
Laser resonator IPG 2 KW  (Germany Brand)
Optional laser wattage IPG 1 KW/ 1.5 KW/ 3 KW/ 4 KW (Ask for price)
Laser head PRECITEC (Germany Brand)
Machine Weight 16534 lbs (7500 kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 472"x 169" x 110" (12000 x 4300 x 2800 mm)



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HYTUBE 2000W - 6000W IPG | Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine with Auto Tube Loading
24000000 27000000