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Fiber laser cleaning machine BCT300CP

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    Fiber laser cleaning machine

    Model : BCT300CP

    Product Description:

    BESCUTTER  Laser surface cleaning machine uses high-energy pulse laser beam to work on the work piece surface. The high energy will help to remove the surface rust layer and coating oil. Adopting optical fiber laser, full enclosed stable light path, lifelong free maintenance, air cooling, the hand held laser cleaner machine is compact and environmentally friendly. Besides, the hand held laser cleaner machine can be used not only for mental pollutants, but also non-metallic work piece.

    Equipment Features

    1) The mechanical part, the electrical control part, the optical part, and the storage part of the hand grip have been subjected to vibration reduction processing, and the device can adapt to long-term push-pull operations.

    2) The electrical control part is highly integrated, which effectively saves space.

    3) The dedicated laser cleaning host control system has a clear, concise interface and convenient operation. Various parameters can be set and adjusted according to the application case, thereby achieving high-performance control of the laser and galvanometer.

    4) Self-developed spiral cleaning mode. The spiral series, scanning length and scanning width can be set by the customer to avoid the zebra crossing of traditional laser cleaning. The cleaning interface is uniform and does not damage the substrate.

    5) Professional laser cleaning optical design, galvanometer lens with high damage threshold, field lens with high transmittance and large focal depth, to meet the long-term operation of high-power laser cleaning.

    6) High-performance laser galvanometer, with fast scanning speed and high precision, combined with professional control system, can meet various laser cleaning application requirements.

    7) The structure of the handheld part is simple, lightweight, ergonomically designed, easy to operate, and can also cooperate with the robot to realize automatic cleaning.


    Operating environment and parameters:

    Operating environment



    Power supply voltage

    single-phase AC220V±10%、50/60Hz

    Overall power consumption


    Placement environment

    Flat, no vibration, no impact

    Working temperature


    Working humidity


    Optical parameter



    Laser peak power


    Power adjustment range(%)

    10-100(gradual adjustable)

    Cleaning efficiency(m2/h)

    12(for example, Derusting)

    Focal length(mm)


    Cooling method

    Water cooling

    Machine parameter







    Fiber length


    Cleaning head weight


    Scan width


    Moving way

    Hand Holding


    Cleaning system parameters:

    Cleaning length:  The length of the laser hit the object to be cleaned: 1-80mm

    Laser frequency:  laser pulse repetition frequency, range is 10-50, unit is KHz.

    Laser power:  laser output power, range 30% -100%, unit W.

    Application Field:

    * Metal surface cleaning * Removal paint of metal surface * stains cleaning on the surface * Surface coating cleaning * Pre-treatment of welding surface cleaning  * Stone surface cleaning  * Rubber mold residue cleaning

    Application Industry:

    Ship Industry,auto Parts, rubber Mold, high-end Machine,tire molde track,environmental Protection Industry and others.


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